My truck experience that has never met you

I work as the driver of the truck by a shipping industry now.
However, the license to have does not yet have a large license.
I am told to take it while it is as close as possible, but do not need a large license very much in our company.
It is 2 tons of trucks mainly to use.
A truck of this size does not change with the privately-owned car so much either and can drive.
It is in particular Dyna of Toyota to have been surprised.
When this car runs, there is a feeling to accelerate well as much as I stepped if I step.
I have the engine power that I do not feel dissatisfaction at all as far as I tend in particular to be and use it routinely in the downtown.
Expression to be full of a feeling of torque is just right; from departure to acceleration non-; can taste a feeling of few power at all rotary levels.
There cannot be such a thing feeling noise in being high-powered, and not being a high rotary model either.
Rather I was surprised when even a diesel car could also reduce vibration calmly to here.
In the company where I work, I use the Dyna of Toyota, but the president is pleased because it is hard to be broken and is easy to maintain it more if really convenient.
I will intend to try work hard in Dyna of Toyota that is easy to run in future.